Our Greenwood, NE store is the April Store of the Month!

Each member of the Greenwood team goes above and beyond to help our customers. It is not unusual to find team members pumping gas, filling tires with air, or checking the oil in customers’ vehicles. Team members give personal attention to each customer that enters the stores, showing them where to find items on the shelves, and having their regular orders ready when they come.

When a competitor in town recently closed, the Greenwood staff welcomed a group of local farmers who had regulars at the store. They have since become Cubby’s family, and one farmer even brings homemade goodies for our staff to enjoy. Another brings homemade pickles and salsa.

The Greenwood team is looking forward to the I-80 racing season, providing fans great food and beverage. Like any other day, the store will be clean and well-stocked as we welcome new guests.

 The Greenwood team is proud to support Raise Some Dough. The store donated more than $1000 to Ashland-Greenwood Schools last year. The store also sells raffle tickets for the local American Legion and collect donations for the Kids Cupboard charity during the Holidays.

The staff at Greenwood is caring and engaged with our customers. They make sure each guest enjoys their visit to the store, regardless of how long they stay, or how often the visit. 

Congratulations to Greenwood – our April Store of the Month!