Congratulations to Tricia Turnbull and her team at Cubby’s in Red Oak, selected as the April Store of the Month. 

Trish has been with Cubby’s since 2004. 

We caught up with Tricia multi tasking as she usually does, this time running the cast register, while sharing some of the reasons why her store is special. We hear it all the time and generally the first answer to “why do you like working at Cubby’s?” and it’s, our customers are why we love our jobs at Cubby’s’.

“Our employees are special too, with longevity and the key to our success in Red Oak”, says Tricia. 

There are many fun customer stories, but one that comes to mind is our friend, Denny who comes to the store frequently and buys a five dollar scratch ticket, says he “needs a five dollar itch’. He plays until he wins then and then says “I’m going to go home and I’m never coming back”, then two hours later we see him again and he makes us smile every time.

“We love Denny”, says Tricia. “We keep it professional and fun at the same time.”

The tight knit staff and family atmosphere is Tricia’s favorite part of the job. “We get along, we’re take care of each other”, we’ve had employees that needed personal or financial help and many of us are there for one another in times of need. 

Red Oak is a small town with a mixture of locals and travelers. Cubby’s is the only truck stop and convenient store open 24 hours. With four factories near the store, Cubby’s is proud to serve those workers and available for all the shifts.

Like many Cubby’s Bar-B-Que in Red Oak is popular, served every Tuesday, Greg is there with brisket, ribs, pulled pork, sausage, mac n cheese, and beans. The Red Oak customers look forward to Tuesday’s.

Cubby’s in Red Oak participates in many local programs and enjoys giving back, this year 200 eggs filled with candy were donated to the Easter Egg hunt, “We like to give back to community as much as we can.”

Tricia and the Red Oak team are looking forward to the summer travelers and a ’normal’ summer, including Red Oaks’s Junction Days and sponsoring the BBQ, plus catering to the beer garden and the live music. 

Next time you’re rolling through Red Oak be sure to stop and see us