Jairo Motino started out as a cashier for Cubby’s Convenience Stores when he was in Wakefield, Nebraska at the age of 19. Originally from Honduras, Motino moved to Nebraska when he was a child and graduated from Wakefield High School. While working at Cubby’s in Wakefield, Motino learned the ins and outs of working with the public, as well as getting to know the regular customers. “Luckily, most of the customers in Wakefield are local and, in a town that small, everyone knows everyone,” said Motino. “But they were nice, and it was very pleasant to work with the customers and the employees there.”  

Since being hired at Cubby’s, he has continued growing and learning, making his way up to Assistant Manager after only two years with the company. After almost seven years at the Wakefield store, Cubby’s offered him the position as Assistant Manager at the Yutan location, Cubby’s very first store, and he accepted. Only a short time passed before he would be promoted to Store Manager. After meeting Butch, the former Vice President of Operations, he was inspired to stay on with Cubby’s because of their familial culture. “Even though I was in Yutan only a short period of time,” said Motino, “I enjoyed working with everyone and we all got along very well. They are a fun group of employees and we would always find a way to make the workplace fun.” After a transfer to Blair in 2020, Motino was able to hone his managerial skills, which would come in handy for his most recent promotion to head of Corporate Services.

Looking ahead to his role in Corporate Services, Motino looks forward to keeping track of and managing the Vroom Online Shopping Service, which is currently offered in Bennington with plans to expand to additional stores soon. In addition, he will oversee the brand-new Bear Bucks Rewards Program, the Points service that earns frequent shoppers’ access to Free and discounted items!

Motino has stayed with Cubby’s for nearly eight years because of the communal culture and opportunity for growth. “I like working at Cubby’s because of all the opportunities they have given me to grow personally and professionally. Cubby’s has been incredibly good to me and I will always be thankful for it. They are always looking to help their employees grow by giving them more opportunities.”

Congratulations on your new position, Jairo!

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