Over the past year, our society has witnessed drastic change in the way we live our everyday lives such as wearing masks and working from home. For essential workers, life was thrusted into an unprecedented way of doing business that became our new normal.

From adding delivery and pickup options to increasing safety and cleaning procedures, supermarket workers work tirelessly to adjust to increased safety measures with a smile on their face. In recognition of all the employees who have risked their wellbeing for the sake of others, Governor Pete Ricketts signed a proclamation to establish “Supermarket Employee Week” in the state of Nebraska! This recognizes the courage, commitment, and initiative these essential employees demonstrated over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic and will stand as a time of recognition long after the pandemic ends.

De Lone Wilson, President of Cubby’s Convenience Stores, as well as Chairman of the Board for the Nebraska Grocery Industry Association, vied to recognize all the hard work that grocery and convenience store workers have put in every day to anchor our communities while offering essential products and services in a convenient setting. He said, “day in and day out, millions of grocery industry employees come to work in stores, company headquarters, and everywhere in between to deliver customer service, implement the latest in federal, state, and local safety protocols and provide their neighbors safe, healthy, affordable food.”

Through the best of times and the worst of times, the familiar faces at Cubby’s Convenience Stores and other local grocers are always here to help! For more information about the Supermarket Employee Week or the Nebraska Grocery Industry Association, click here.