Mike Wilson, an experienced leader for two decades, has been selected as the new Chief Operating Officer for Cubby’s! 

Hailing most recently from North Carolina, Wilson has over twenty years of retail experience under his belt leading teams at companies including Holmes Oil, Cruizers Convenience Stores, and CEFCO Convenience Stores in the southern United States. Born in Georgia and raised in South Carolina, he attended college at the University of Kansas where he became familiar with Midwestern family values and developed a love for Jayhawk Basketball.

After exploring new options in the convenience store industry, Mike decided to look bigger, he explained, “I am at a point in my life where it is better to be with great people and why I chose Cubby’s; the people here are excellent.”

When he began looking for his next adventure, Cubby’s stood out as a great place to work because of their close-knit team dynamic. With five children of his own, the customers and teammates at Cubby’s have become a part of his chosen family. Another reason he opted to join the Cubby’s team was inspired when working for a gentleman named Edward Holmes. Wilson said, “he taught me that relationships are more important than title, money, or the prestige of working for a large chain.  Coming to work with De Lone Wilson, President of Cubby’s Inc. is exciting not only because of the opportunity, but because he is a terrific person.”

Looking ahead at his new role, Wilson looks forward to bringing a new energy and passion for engaging employees. He explained, “I want to show this already successful group of people additional ways to grow and build a successful brand.  There are new technologies out there that can help make Cubby’s best in class and I plan on bringing these along with others.” 

With so much experience, passion, and inspiration, Mike Wilson is a fantastic addition to the Cubby’s Leadership Team. 

Welcome, Mike!