Almost every week of the year, the Bennington Cubby’s consistently ranks as one of the busiest deli stores. Jonathan Raborn, who has been working with Cubby’s since 2007, has been able to work for multiple Cubby’s stores and truly has a grasp for the family spirit that lives within each location. Being one of the first five Cubby’s Convenience Stores to open, Bennington’s prime location has always allowed for a steady stream of customers from all sorts of businesses nearby. “It’s a fast-growing community,” said Raborn, as the area is adding schools, libraries, housing, and many other accoutrements that are increasing daily foot traffic in a noticeable way.

Because Raborn has more than thirteen years of experience with Cubby’s, he has developed a clear picture for what it is like to work for a company that cares about its employees. He has worked in a multitude of positions, starting his career as a stocker in Red Oak, Iowa, and eventually transitioning into the deli when he was just fifteen years old. Eventually he worked his way into a Management position with Bennington and has helped train countless employees at other stores to set them up for success. “I like being around all of the different atmospheres,” Raborn said. “Every store has their regulars and their routines in their own community,” meaning life never has a dull moment. The other great thing about working for Cubby’s, said Raborn, is that “they’ve definitely opened doors for people to be promoted from within, and it doesn’t have to be in the same field.”

Cubby’s Convenience Stores all have one thing in common, and that is their stellar employees. While Raborn has noticed a great amount of turnover at other convenience stores in the area, Cubby’s Bennington maintains a steady team of long-term employees. In fact, many of Bennington’s team members have been there longer than Raborn himself! He also employs a stream of college students, who can earn tuition for college by working at Cubby’s while in school. “The college incentive program that we have,” explained Raborn, “means each full-time college student gets $1,000.” Cubby’s has a team of consistent family members who value the environment Cubby’s provides.

The steadfast work ethic presented by the team at Cubby’s Bennington has earned them the title of Store of the Month for December. While their typical crowd is comprised of construction workers, sanitation workers, and teachers (some of whom work part time as cashiers at Cubby’s), Raborn feels grateful to work in the tight knit community of Bennington. “Everybody is so thankful, welcoming, helpful, they’re very devoted to everything they do,” he said. “Everybody takes care of each other”.

Now, this dynamic store is proud to offer a brand-new food delivery service using Vroom. Offering “your favorites delivered,” Vroom offers customers the opportunity to order favorite staple pantry items as well as snacks, food, and other items from the store without a pricy markup. According to Raborn, “all of the top items in every department are available for delivery. Pizza, food, chicken, beer, all of our top items in our store departments are on there.” This allows someone to order their dinner, a six pack of beer, and any grocery items for a flat fee of $2.99 or $4.99 all without leaving the comfort of home. Offering delivery from 11:00am to 9:00pm, customers can pay online or in person when their delivery arrives for added convenience. To try Vroom on your next lazy Saturday, visit Bennington’s website.

Congratulations Bennington.