One of the most rewarding aspects of working for a company like Cubby’s is their initiatives of giving back to their community. “I’m really customer friendly, so I like taking to heart providing the best service I can for them,” said Manager Tracey Buck. Incentives such as giving away free Chester’s chicken to truck drivers with their fuel purchase as well as partnering with community nonprofits is what sets this organization apart. For their customer service, hard work, and continued perseverance despite a decline in travel, Cubby’s Norfolk has been selected as November’s Store of the Month!


To Buck, managing a Cubby’s is much like racecar driving; it takes skill, talent, and an adaptable personality to keep everything running smoothly. Out in Norfolk on the south side of town, Cubby’s is relatively cut off from main road. However, their clientele is comprised of a consistent stream of people working in the area and truck drivers traveling through town. “We have a lot of people from the south that travel into the Norfolk area.”


After racing cars for ten years and passing the torch along to his son, Buck began managing Cubby’s in Norfolk and has been there for over fifteen years. Like his career in racing, Buck uses his skills to help serve the variety of clientele they see on an average day. “It takes learning the sport and getting to know what to do. It takes a lot of patience,” he said, a skill which serves him well.


Working with the diverse team at Cubby’s, Buck has converged his talents with those of his employees to best handle the crowds they might see during an average day. “Cubby’s has three or four truck stops, and we’re one of the biggest,” said Buck, serving farmers, locals, and many others.  When asked to describe his favorite customer, Buck simply couldn’t pick one. “They’re all my favorite,” he said. “There are people you recognize on a day to day basis. You’ve got your regular coffee drinkers, the older generation that comes and sits. You’ve got locals that come in every day, delivery drivers; you can’t just pick out one.”


Working at a truck stop, Buck never knows what the day may bring. This weekend, for example, “we had a sheep that was loose in the parking lot. It was funny watching these farmers trying to catch it.” In the summertime, they typically get busy from baseball season and summer travel, which has shifted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this hasn’t dampened the spirits of the Cubby’s Norfolk team. “We’re doing the best we can to handle everything,” said Buck, “trying to be here for anyone that comes in and the truck drivers. We try to be there for them and do our best to have everything available for them that they may need.” For Buck, his favorite items on the menu are a close toss-up between the Chester’s Chicken and breakfast all day. “Anybody that comes in at 6pm wanting breakfast can order it with fresh eggs,” said Buck proudly.


For a dose of Chester’s Chicken, fresh produce, and breakfast all day long, go see the friendly team at Cubby’s Norfolk. Congrats team!