Regardless of whether it’s the first or the 50th time walking through their doors, Suzie Harms and her team go above and beyond to make their customers feel like family at the Cubby’s convenience store in Dakota Dunes, South Dakota. “No one comes in and leaves as strangers,” she said.

Not only are the team members at Cubby’s excited to help their customers; “everybody’s super eager and willing to talk and share their days with us,” said Harms, which makes going to work all the more rewarding.

This month, the Dakota Dunes Cubby’s has been chosen as the Store of the Month! During the pandemic, their team has made countless efforts to help the community around them, even donating food to local police, firefighters, and EMS who are helping fight COVID-19.

Along with their donations of food and time, the staff at Cubby’s Dakota Dunes lead by example when it comes to serving others. Recently, Cubby’s acquired a new regular. With the seating area closed, the gentleman would chat with staff while perusing the aisles and ordering his daily meal. Soon, Harms found out that his wife had been diagnosed with cancer and was preparing to have surgery nearby. Without hesitation, Harms went over to the deli and said, “his meal is on me,” because she too has had family battle the illness.

When he thanked her for the kind gesture, Harms found out that her staff had been doing various acts of kindness over his 10-day stay in Dakota Dunes, whether it was giving him a free meal or making something that wasn’t on the menu that day. One employee even came in on her day off to make sure the gentleman had the right meal for the day, demonstrating that their dedication and care for their customers isn’t limited to their time on the clock.

The Dakota Dunes team also helped a homeless couple recently who were dropped off on a hot summer day with an expecting mother. Rather than ignore their struggle, the crew chipped in to buy their lunch and sent them on their way with gas money. However, according to Harms, it wasn’t an organized effort. “They just did it individually,” she said. “They have really big hearts in this store, and that speaks volumes to people who come in here.”

Congratulations Cubby’s Dakota Dunes!